// Environmental Monitoring


The SV 307A is an innovative noise monitoring station dedicated for automated noise monitoring. The station integrates a class 1 sound level meter with 4G and GPS modems. The waterproof housing of SV 307A can be removed to get an access to the user interface with a colour display and keypad. The SV 307A is equipped with a patented MEMS microphone with a life-time warranty.


‘All in one’ design for portable, mobile and permanent noise monitoring installations
  • Robust/Resistant housing
  • Class 1 according to IEC 61672
  • Real-time 1/1 or 1/3 octave analysis (option)
  • Audio events recording (option)
  • Removable housing protecting the system against harsh environmental conditions (IP65)
  • Integrated remote system check for full system verification
  • Integrated high speed 4G modem
  • Automatic time synchronization with GPS (option)
  • Large windscreen against high-speed wind
  • Intelligent heater protecting microphone against humidity
  • Low power consumption, integrated Li-Ion battery and direct connection for solar panels
  • Web based system configuration with SvanNET
  • Community & airport characteristics