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OHD is a company committed to our mission of Passionately Protecting The Health Of The World’s Workforce. OHD provides a range of products and services to help you protect your employees and manage your occupational risks. We serve the occupational health market worldwide as we are the global providers for key respiratory protection devices. Whether you are looking for a Respirator Fit Tester, User Seal Check device, Noise Dosimeters, Audiometers, or Sound Level Meters, we can provide you with a complete solution. 

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Who We Are ?

Our roots at OHD, LLLP began in serving the occupational health care market in the Southeastern United States.

Today, OHD is a global manufacturer and provider for  The QuantifFit2(R) mask fit testing device. We also are proud to be the sole North America distributor of the Svantek noise and vibration monitoring line of equipment. From personal dosimeters to area sound level meters, Svantek offers an unrivaled product line to fit your ever-changing needs.

As OHD continues to expand, our success underscores our goal. It is our aim to continue to provide you with the appropriate and exact equipment to meet you and your employees needs

Our Mission

We passionately protect the health of the world’s workforce.

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OHD, LLLP began in serving the occupational health care
OHD, LLLP began in serving the occupational health care
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From respiratory protection to hearing conservation and more, we have you covered.

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What Our Clients Say

Emilia Clarke
Former Chief Robert Anthony
Chicago Fire Department
“The Chicago Fire Department implemented the OHD Quantifit for NFPA compliant SCBA fit testing. The Quantifit has increased our speed, accuracy, and ability to manage reports using OHD's FitTrack Gold software.”
Emilia Clarke
Matthew Fleming
Philadelphia Counter Terrorism Operations
“The OHD Quantifit provides us with confidence that our masks fit properly and will help to protect Philadelhpia Police officers in the line of duty. We are able to efficiently and quickly fit test our personnel, with the most accurate fit test available. This has made the Quantifit a great addition to our respiratory protection program.”
Emilia Clarke
Bruce Donato
CSP, CHMM, CECD (K&A First Aid and Safety, Inc.)
“All, I wanted to say how impressed I am with your Quantifit. I have used your competitor’s product before and in comparison your system is so simple. I also was impressed that I could not get it to pass a fit test with my beard on, whereas I could do that with other quantitative fit testers. Excellent job.”
Ryan LeForce
Central Tech Industrial Coordinator
“My staff had some reservations about changing (from a TSI PortaCount) to the Quantifit because it was a new technology and a new way of testing to them, but the quickly found the speed and ease of testing with the Quantifit to be a real benefit.”
Leslie Motheral
Firefighter Instructor
“We are extremely impressed with the machines. They have cut our fit test time considerably! Very pleased!”