Software & Firmware for the QuantiFit2 Respirator Fit Tester

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IMPORTANT: Please review the Instructions Document before proceeding.

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OHD Logic Software is to be installed on a PC running Windows software version 10 or greater.
PC requirements:  Processor Speed: 1.0 GHz or greater
RAM: 1 GB or greater – Disc Space: 16 GB

QuantiFit2 Logic Software & Firmware

Software for the Quantifit® Fit Tester

***If you are moving FitTrack Gold to a Windows 10 computer, please do a backup within FitTrack Gold and save the backup file outside the computer.


FitTrack Gold was released August 19, 2020. You may download the full version, or just the upgrade if you have any older version of FitTrack Gold installed. (This must be installed when logged in as a System Administrator (or Domain Administrator when domain access is required), or it will not install properly. All Windows updates MUST be up to date.

FitTrack Gold is the newest version of software available for the Quantifit. See the product sheet for more information.

Quantifit (New Computer Installs) - Includes SQL Database

Existing FitTrack Gold Users

Svantek Sound and Vibration

Recently purchase a Svantek product and need to download the applicable software?

Cirrus Noise Instrumentation

NoiseTools software for Optimus sound level meters and doseBadge Dosimeters

NoiseTools Quick Start Guide

Deaf Defier 3.3. Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7. Includes drivers for 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 7.

dBLink3 Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7. Includes drivers for 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 7.


WHQL Driver update for RC:110A doseBadge Reader. 32bit & 64bit drivers for use with RC:110A Reader Units manufactured after 1st July 2009

dBLink 3.3.05 (Saint-Gobain)

OHD KoKo Spirometer

For use with the KoKo spirometer when moving the OHD KoKo spirometer to another computer. If your current version is older than 4.11, upgrade fees will apply. Please contact an OHD sales representative.