Portable Heat Stress & Thermal Comfort Meters

Are you aware of OSHA’s National Emphasis Program (NEP) as it relates to Heat Stress Monitoring? Let us guide you thru these new regulations and what requirements you need to adhere to!

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Quick, real-time, reliable and accurate assessment of indoor and outdoor heat stress WBGT index (ISO7243)
  • Stand-alone models (ELR600M / ELR605M) or with built-in radio
    technology (ELR610M / ELR615M) for simultaneous wireless monito-
    ring in different locations/heights
  • 8MB memory for extended data logging
  • Battery Life: 200h (with radio on 20h)
  • Automatic start/stop of measurements
  • HS Manager program included for data downloading, data assessment and data reporting