// Respirator Mask Fit Testing

CNP Testing:


Why is CNP technology superior to traditional Ambient Aerosol fit testing?

Let Me See How It Works!

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How it Works

One tube pulls a negative pressure, and to keep the pressure constant, it has to pull out any additional air that leaks into the respirator. This measurement directly tells us how much air has leaked into the mask, and that leak amount is converted to a fit factor.

Quantifit- Quantitative Respirator Mask Fit Testing
// Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing

More durable, more portable.

Quantifit provides the most accurate and verifiable fit test for respirators on the market, ensuring that your respirator fit properly. We designed Quantifit for durability and portability. It is now more streamlined and lighter than previous models and includes a carrying case, keyboard, onboard memory, and PC connections.

Fit Testing Demo

This video highlights the key benefits of utilizing the OHD Quantifit and our patented Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP) Technology to perform a TWO minute OSHA, NFPA and ISO compliant Fit Test.

Quantifit – Respirator Mask Fit Testing Device

The OHD Quantifit is the fastest and most accurate quantitative respirator fit testing machine on the market. By directly measuring leak, the Quantifit is able to provide you instantaneous feedback on fit. The OHD Quantifit is the best quantitative fit testing equipment to ensure respiratory protection and regulatory compliance.