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The Gold Standard

FitTrack Gold offers a completely new experience for Quantifit users. The software has an updated interface that’s easier to use, including many tools that will revolutionize the way data is managed. With a SQL Express database, you will experience more flexibility in data storage as well as reporting functions.

Here are some of the exciting features in the new FitTrack Gold:


A new dashboard home screen displays information at a glance. This includes a list of people who are due to be tested, test statistics to track the number of tests performed, a mask inventory for the current year of testing, calibration due dates for your instruments and web links that can be customized to your specific needs.


Security is comprehensive and flexible. User names and passwords can be assigned and the administrator can control any task within the software.

Upgrading Firmware

Instrument updates can be performed directly through the software.


Reports contain a header for your company information including company logo. Standard reports include a Fit Test Log, which can be customized to include the columns that are more useful to the organization’s needs.


Easily synchronize to other databases when networked with other users.

Importing Data

Import personnel files from an Excel spreadsheet. Import Quantifit test data from a USB memory stick, or directly from the Quantifit itself.


You can export all reports and data to a PDF document or an Excel file with a click of a button.


Powerful and customizable search options are helpful especially for large databases.

Flexible Record Keeping

Add individual notes to each test, save an incomplete or cancelled test with an explanation of the reason for failure. You can make an individual or a complete company “inactive” rather than deleting them from the database.

FitTrack Gold provides comprehensive data management while continuing to support stand-alone operation of the Quantifit. Perform tests, track employees, run reports, synchronize data — all within one easy-to-use software application. Call us today for details!

To get the latest software update, please visit our Software Update page.