Respirator Fit
Testing Sucks

If you are familiar with OHD’s Controlled Negative Pressure Technology, then you know this is a play on words, but it is no joke how cumbersome respirator fit testing can be. We strive to make fit testing as easy as possible and this talk will provide the basics of fit testing as well as the advantages and disadvantages of different methods.

Safe + SOUND

Noise exposure at work is so common that we can get complacent in our control of it ,or we may not even be aware it is a problem. Knowledge is power, and OHD is here to provide you with refresher or introductory noise and noise monitoring education. This will include a practical look at some available noise monitoring equipment and software capabilities.

Heat Stress, Play it COOL

No matter the reason, the world is getting hotter and regulation is expanding. You need foundational knowledge on heat stress and heat injuries as well as the ways to assess your risk, monitor your people and places, and control exposures. Prevention is vital to the continuity of your business. Join OHD for a quick update on this hot topic.

About Your Host

Stephanie Lynch, PhD has a background in industrial hygiene and safety across multiple industries. She is a skilled researcher with a broad knowledge of respiratory protection and fit testing.
She is also a Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist and has a passion for protecting the hearing of the world’s workforce. Her dissertation research involved the collection of personal noise dosimetry and whole body vibration measurements, and she has carried this work into the real world in manufacturing and military applications.