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Solo Occupational DBMS Software Plus Package

When you add the Plus package to any CCA-series audiometer, you’ll enjoy additional reporting power, support for unlimited companies, medical history questionnaire and data transfer capability. The Plus package also allows you to effectively manage multiple programs at once.

The Plus Package is also ideal for data collection and reporting for mobile testing.

Features of the Solo Plus Software Package

  • Unlimited number of companies
  • Customizable notification letters in ten languages
  • Customizable medical history questionnaire
  • Programmable format import/export routines
  • Additional Reports (samples available on request)
  • Company OSHA STS List – list of subject whose current test shows an OSHA STS
  • Company OSHA Recordable Shift List – list of subjects whose current test shows an OSHA recordable shift
  • Company Summary – calculates and graphs number and percentage of subjects with hearing loss and whose current test shows an
  • OSHA STS or recordable shift
  • Company Test Schedule List – list of subjects with no test in a range of dates or since a given date
  • Company Medical Referral List – list of subjects with a medical referral as defined by AAO-HNS 1996
  • Subject History – subject’s current history responses
  • Subject History Questionnaire – questionnaire to be filled out by subject
  • Company Exception List – list of subjects with missing or invalid data to ensure report validity
  • All Company List – lists company addresses and options
  • The following additional features are also included with the CCA-100e Plus Package (standard on CCA-220 and CCA-200):
  • Stores unlimited numbers of subjects and audiograms
  • User-defined fields allow you to store any data you wish
  • Look-up lists and field defaults reduce typing
  • Data validation helps ensure accurate data entry