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Noise-Hub Software

Noise-Hub provides you with a modern, sophisticated, clear and straight forward platform for communicating with single or multiple noise monitoring terminals.

The Noise-Hub Noise Monitoring System Software is a new generation of environmental noise monitoring system.

By combining over 35 years experience in the design and manufacture of noise measurement instrument with the latest technology, a Noise-Hub system can be tailored to meet any noise monitoring application.

With a modular structure, you can start with a basic system and add and expand as your needs grow.

Whether you need a single noise monitoring terminal, a portable solution or a complete, integrated modular management system with an unlimited number of noise monitoring terminals and different users, we can deliver, install and commission a total easy-to-use package.

We can offer you a tailored, bespoke quotation for any type of noise monitoring and measurement system

Key features of Noise-Hub

  • Real time online noise monitoring
  • Live noise data over the web
  • Integrates with fixed portable & semi-permanent noise monitors
  • Comprehensive suite of reporting & configuration tools
  • Configure a system to meet your exact needs – reduces cost & complexity
  • Automatic reporting by email direct to your inbox
  • Noise event & measurement alerts by email, SMS & direct to your smartphone
  • Full servicing , maintenance & calibration options
  • Leasing & purchase options available

The Noise-Hub software platform

The Noise-Hub system is based around a sophisticated yet simple-to-operate software package. This program can support any number of fixed or portable noise monitors as well as external data sources such as Flight Information or Weather Data.

From a small noise monitoring system with a single portable noise monitor through to a sophisticated airport noise management system with multiple users, external data and remote web view, the Noise-Hub software can be adapted and expanded to suit the application.

To make selection of the most suitable combination of feature packs, a number of Editions have been created. These Editions are built from the Basic Edition with a selection of Feature Packs added.

System Expansion

The design of the Noise-Hub software allows Feature Packs to be added which expand the functions and features available to the user(s).

Any of the Feature Packs can be added to any of the software Editions or can simply be added to the Basic Edition to create the ideal combination of function and performance.  Noise monitors can be added at any time and the Noise-Hub software has been written to communicate with both the current and future ranges of noise monitors from Cirrus Research plc.

Future technology may add new capabilities to the noise monitors and Noise-Hub has been designed to be able to integrate these seamlessly.


The Noise-Hub software is built using .NET® which provides a stable and reliable platform for future growth and expansion. Noise-Hub has been tested under Microsoft Windows® XP and Vista.

For larger applications or where data security is paramount, Noise-Hub can be run under Microsoft Windows® Server 2003 or Server 2008 with users connecting to the server using Noise-Hub clients. Noise-Hub also provides a web interface to allow measurement data to be viewed without the need for the full program to be run.

Noise-Hub can also present measurement data to external web services such as Google Earth for use on Intranets or websites. Please note that these functions require the addition of the Distributed and Networking Feature Pack.  Security is also paramount and Noise-Hub allows for three levels of access for users. Limited users can view live noise levels from connected noise monitors. This can be used for intranet or web access. A standard User can download data from the noise monitors, view the measurement information and create reports (where available) and export measurements from the system. Administrator access is required to change any software functions and to configure the system.