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Color Touch Screen Display
Animated instructions guide users through an interactive test experience. Menus are easily navigated with a simple touch.
Proven Technology
The OHD QuantiFit2 is a highly specialized instrument which utilizes scientifically proven and patented Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP) technology to directly measure respirator leakage. CNP is accepted by OSHA and appears in the Federal Regulations governing fit testing [29 CFR 1910.134]. It is also included in the Canadian Standards [CSA Z94.4-2011] and UK HSE Standards [EN132-149 & INDG 479], as well as ANSI Z88.10-2010, ISO 16975, Italian UNI 11719, and NFPA 1404.
Battery Power Functionality
Rechargeable battery packs are available with more than four hours of active run time. This combined with no requirements for test environment and no use of consumables means the QuantiFit2 is more portable than any other fit testing equipment on the market. This allows you the freedom to choose where you work, no need to be tethered to an outlet.
Fastest Fit Test
With the OSHA and ISO approved CNP REDON respirator fit test protocol, a fit test can be performed in as little as 2 minutes with no waiting period for smokers or after eating as required with aerosol based fit test methods.
No Consumables
CNP eliminates the need for consumables in order to perform a fit test. Unlike older technologies that require particles, probes, wicks, and alcohol solutions; the QuantiFit2 simply needs air for testing. This eliminates the ongoing cost of replacing fit testing consumables and increases your ability to test.
The QuantiFit2 automatically senses when the user has initiated a breath hold and begins the test exercise. This allows for touchless testing and even easier operation. Seamlessly move from one test exercise to the next.
Test Anywhere!
With patented CNP technology, OHD clients can perform fit testing in any environment. Outside, inside, dirty environments or clean. As long as air is present, the QuantiFit2 can perform fit testing. Remove the concerns of lighting candles, blowing salt fog, or worrying about filtration systems in a building.
Ease of Use
The QuantiFit2 takes the user through the test protocol step-by-step so that there is no guess work and very little time is needed to instruct the employee being tested. There is no instrument warm up period to worry about, and the one-minute daily calibration ensures that the QuantiFit2 is working within a strict tolerance. Ease of use means less mistakes and more efficient testing.
Interactive Troubleshooting
Captures each test exercise graph for review and comparison to example support graphs.
Multiple Donnings
CNP is the only fit testing technology in the world that uses multiple donnings within the fit test protocol. Multiple donnings ensure that the worker knows how to consistently don the respirator correctly.
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The Details.

The OHD QuantiFit2 fit tester is a highly specialized instrument that utilizes OHD’s scientifically proven and patented Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP) technology to directly measure respirator leakage. This innovative technology performs the fastest, easiest, and most precise respirator fit test available, ensuring the best fit and protection for you and your employees. 

Take your fit testing to new places, even outside. QuantiFit2 battery packs allow for cordless operation, animations guide the user through each exercise, and AutoStart allows for touchless testing. 

Break free from traditional fit testing restraints.

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Engineered and designed with you in mind. The LED touchscreen provides animated guidance while AutoStart and ability to test countless individuals simultaneously makes fit testing a breeze.
CNP Technology
Just like our FitTester3000 and Quantifit, the QuantiFit2 utilizes OHD's patented Controlled Negative Pressure Technology to provide users the fastest, most reliable and accurate respirator fit test results.
Customer Support
We’re here for you every step of the way, from product awareness to troubleshooting and training. Feel free to contact us today and let us know how our vast team of experts can help!
Ultimate Versatility
Test in any environment. No consumables required. Optional battery packs for cordless operation. Test countless individuals simultaneously. Test Anytime, anywhere. The opportunities are limitless.
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CNP Testing:

Still Faster. More Accurate. More Dependable.

Why is CNP technology superior to traditional Ambient Aerosol fit testing?

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