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Introducing AeroFit

Experience the latest innovation in respirator fit testing with AeroFit, a cutting-edge quantitative CNC fit testing device engineered for precision and ease.

Disposable and Elastomeric Fit Testing

AeroFit accommodates all respirators, including N95 respirators.

Simple Configuration

Set up and start testing quickly with user-friendly procedures like respirator selection and daily verification.

Interactive Built-in Screen

Animations and written instructions guide test subjects through the process effortlessly. No tablet or Bluetooth® required to fit test.

Rapid and Efficient Testing

AeroFit features OSHA and ISO fit testing protocols, including the OSHA Fast Fit Protocol allowing you to fit test in under 3 minutes.

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Breathe Easy


OHD has your back when it comes to fit testing. With the launch of AeroFit, OHD will be the only respirator fit tester manufacturer with both CNC and CNP technologies.

Both devices are proudly manufactured in the USA.


AeroFit uses Condensed Nuclei Counting (CNC) to measure particle concentration inside and outside the respirator to determine a fit factor. 


QuantiFit2® uses Controlled Negative Pressure (CNP) to CNP measure the leakage of air into a respirator to determine a fit factor.