Welcome to Quantifit®

Completely portable, the patented controlled negative pressure technology is used to run a complete 5-step protocol in 2-3 minutes. This is not only the fastest, but also the most accurate way to conduct a quantitative respirator fit test.

Setup and Power Up

Getting started with your Quantifit respirator fit testing equipment.

Preparing for the Test

Quantifit Fit Tester – After setup, begin preparing for the test

Performing the Fit Test

A brief video on performing a fit test using the Quantifit.

FitTrack Gold Software

This video provides an overview and training for the FitTrack software for Quantifit.

Quantfit®  Protocols

A quick tour through the various protocols supported by Quantifit

An Introduction to FitTrack

Software for the Fit Tester 3000 utilizes a specialized Windows compatible software for fit testing and reporting.