Quantifit Frequently Asked Questions

The Quantifit is the Gold Standard when it comes to reliable fit testing. There are significant advantages when choosing the Quantifit Fit Tester, including greater accuracy which results in a better fit and more protection. Quantifit does not just count – it detects a leak point and verifies mask integrity. Quantifit uses the only 5-Step REDON protocol written into the OSHA federal regulation. This means greater interaction with respirator wearers and results that are up to three times faster than Aerosol fit testers!

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Quantifit FAQ

The OHD Quantifit  offers unrivaled accuracy when compared to traditional Aerosol fit testers such as PortaCount.  This has been scientifically proven. Effect of Leak Location on Measured Respirator Fit, AIHA 58:413-417 (1997), showed that the Quantifit measured 97.9% of known calibrated leak with a coefficient of variation of 4.3% (excellent reproducibility) vs. the PortaCount 37% of known calibrated leak with a coefficient of variation of 44.7% (poor reproducibility). Accuracy in a fit test is critical. The Quantifit, because of its accuracy, is a more health protective fit test when compared to traditional technologies.1

Yes. Quantifit is OSHA accepted within 29 CFR 1910.134 Appendix A. The current edition NFPA standard is NFPA 1500.

Yes. Quantifit, unlike any other fit tester, can be calibrated to the US federal standard NIST (National Institute of Science & Technology). This compliments an organization’s respiratory protection program as it relates to OSHA requirements for respirator program record keeping. Maintaining fit test results and calibration records from NIST protects both the user and the organization.

Twice as fast! Only Quantifit utilizes the OSHA 5-Step REDONprotocol. This means greater interaction with the test subject and a faster test. Why wait for a computer to count particles and calculate an average value? The superior CNP technology will detect leaks immediately, and measurement is done in only 8 seconds for each of the 5 steps.

Respirator program managers, occupational hygienists and trainers alike utilize the OSHA annual fit test requirements as a platform for training. The 5-Step Redon Protocol challenges the wearer to don the respirator face piece twice during the test. This level of interaction challenges employees to pay greater attention to donning and doffing the face piece. Additionally, the Quantifit will measure the ability of a specific face piece to reseal on an individual assuring protection.

The Quantifit seal check feature is unique to CNP technology. This feature can be used to verify the face piece is seated properly prior to testing. Just as importantly, it will create a negative pressure that can detect a leak path in the event that a face piece needs repair. This is similar to mask integrity testing that is done within nuclear and military settings.

No. The Quantifit eliminates the need to delay testing on mask users that have just eaten or smoked. The Quantifit CNP technology enhances logistics by simplifying employee requirements prior to testing.

Never! The Quantifit utilizes air as a challenge agent. Traditional aerosol fit testers required a chamber and the generation of aerosols as a challenge agent. Today, aerosol technology as it relates to ambient air testing is limited to elastomeric face pieces or higher efficient filtering face pieces (half masks). While the manufacturer of the PortaCount suggests its use for the testing of N95 filtering face pieces, it is done with an aerosol generator that uses sodium chloride not ambient aerosols.

Yes. The Quantifit features OHD’s flexible data management software. This supports comprehensive records including a unique fit test card component. Fit test results are stored in a database for easy report generation, retrieval and regulatory compliance.

No. The Quantifit you can simply select the Fit Test Card report from the Quantifit FitTrack software then print the card on “Standard 8 1/2” X 11” perforated paper (business card size). Once the data is printed, you will tear off the individual fit test card and be done. You can protect the Fit Test Card with a standard laminator which can be purchased from OHD. The TSI PortaCount program requires you to purchase a specialty printer listed at $2500.00. The cost of the printer alone represents an additional 30% cost. With the Quantifit FitTrack software package there are no costly surprises!

Yes. The Quantifit can operate as a stand alone unit and store up to 500 fit tests which can be downloaded to the included software. Ease of operation is further enhanced with access to the Quantifit web-based training 24/7.

No. The Quantifit does not require daily maintenance. There are no internal optics that can become contaminated and require the tester be sent back to the factory for cleaning. Additionally, there is no need to use alcohol or stock parts such as wicks or specialty cleaning agents. The Quantifit eliminates the need for particle generation or environmental manipulation.