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The SoundSign in Industrial Environments

Show when hearing protection must be worn or when high noise levels are possible

It may not be practical for employees to wear hearing protection constantly, especially where the noise levels are intermittent or vary significantly throughout the day. The SoundSign Version 1 can be used to show when hearing protection must be worn in these areas. Where hearing protection is not required but there is still a need to alert people to potential for elevated noise levels, the SoundSign Version 2 would be appropriate.

The SoundSign in Hospitals and Healthcare

Keep quiet areas quiet.

Noise is often the primary cause of sleep deprivation and disturbance amongst patients. By maintaining proper noise levels, you create a calm and peaceful working environment and help patients in their recovery process.

The SoundSign Version 4 shows an effective and clear message which can be displayed in public areas.

SoundSign for Schools and Colleges

Lower noise. Higher education.

Many studies have shown that high noise levels in a learning environments affect both students and teachers. Controlling noise levels can help to reduce the risk of hearing damage in young children while making the learning environment more pleasant.

Many buildings used for education were not designed for noise contol. Hard walls and floors often create a noisy environment – even with only a few students present. The SoundSign can be used to show students when noise levels are getting too high and inform staff of when problems may occur.

The SoundSign can be used in cafeterias, classrooms and corridors when examinations are in progress to help to maintain a quiet environment. SoundSign Version 4 (SHHH! Quiet Zone) is ideal for these locations.

Monitoring noise levels in music rooms

Many colleges have music facilities and monitoring the noise levels that both students and staff are exposed to can often be difficult. Music teachers and tutors can often be exposed to high occupational noise levels which can be above legal limits.

SoundSign for Music & Entertainment

The proper sound level for entertainment.

Noise levels in pubs, clubs and other venues are often high in order to create the right atmosphere. However, if you have any noise limits or controls to adhere to, or if you are looking to protect your employees from noise exposure, then the SoundSign is ideal.

Lightweight and simple to use, the SoundSign can be used for temporary venues as well as for permanent installation. In music colleges and schools, the SoundSign can help educate students and the staff about the risks of noise exposure.

SoundSign for Libraries

Even quiet environments can be noisy

Libraries are offering more learning through technology and becoming more of a social setting than ever before. Cafeterias, study rooms, computers, printers, copiers and other electronic equipment are all contributing to the creation of more noise.

 A SoundSign with the SHHH! Quiet Zone (SoundSign Version 4) warning can help to keep noise levels under control. This effective unit will light up when noise level go over a set level, which can be set any value down to 40dB(A), and will inform visitors and staff that the noise is becoming too high.