Safety Kits

A complete noise measurement solution

If you need to make measurements with both a sound level meter and a noise dosimeter, The Safety Officer’s Noise Kits are just what you need.

A Safety Officer’s Kit contains a combination of a doseBadge Noise Dosimeter Kit and a Sound Level Meter Kit, all housed in a robust and convenient carrying case. By choosing the appropriate sound level meter, you can cover almost any noise measurement application including occupational, industrial hygiene and environmental noise. Options of Sound Level Meter vary from the simple to operate ‘point and press’ (popular with on-site health and safety managers) to meters with data logging, download software or octave band frequency analysis.

The newest series of data logging meters which are ideal for both Occupational and Environmental measurements are a favorite with consultants, local governments, local authorities and health and safety managers of larger companies.


  • A complete noise measurement solution
  • Contained in a single, robust carrying case
  • Any combination of sound level meter and dosebadge kits
  • Standard or Intrinsically Safe doseBadges can be chosen
  • Preconfigured options available to make selecting a kit simple


  • Cover all your noise measurement needs with a single set of instruments
  • Choose any sound level meter to suit your needs
  • Add any number of doseBadges to give you noise dosimetry
  • Carry all of your noise instruments in a single case
  • Licence free software supplied as standard with lifetime upgrades

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