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A simple handheld noise meter

The CR:306 is a general purpose digital sound level meter which meets the full requirements of IEC 61672 to Class 2. 

The instrument has ‘F’ (Fast) response and both ‘A’ and ‘C’ frequency weightings. In addition, facilities are provided to hold the maximum reading occurring during the measurement period.

The CR:306 allows noise levels to be checked quickly and simply, with the large display showing the Sound Level (SPL) with the standard dB(A) frequency weighting. dB(C) Frequency Weighting is also provided.

The instrument has two measurement ranges, and can measure from 35dB(A) to 130dB(A). The maximum hold function allows the unit to freeze the display showing the highest level measured. This can be used where the allowable level is given in terms of a maximum (LAFmax or LCFmax).


  • A simple Sound Level Meter for basic noise level measurements and spot checks
  • Class 2 Sound Level Meter to IEC 61672:2002-1 & Type 2 to IEC 60651:1979
  • dB(A) & dB(C) Frequency Weightings
  • Fast Time Weighting with Maximum Hold (LAFmax or LCFmax)
  • Measurement range of 35dB(A) to 130dB(A)
  • Windshield included as standard


The instrument can also be supplied as a complete measurement kit with an Acoustic Calibrator, Windshield and Carrying Case.