OHD is committed to providing excellent customer service and expertise on all the instrumentation we offer. However, we are not able to individually assess the unique risk involved in every use situation. We do not have proficiency on viruses or their transmission making us unable to assess the risk of each unique situation. OHD Recommends following CDC guidelines relative to viruses and transmission.

With respect to cross contamination, exhaled air from a person being fit tested should not expose the next person being tested. No appropriate use of the Quantifit should cause contaminated air to stay in the adapter kits or tube assembly and get pulled back into the respirator when the next person is fit tested. The tube assembly is under negative pressure or sealed during the operation of the Quantifit. With the two clear tubes air is flowing into the tube from the mask to the instrument. With the blue tube there is a diaphragm in the adapter that blocks the airflow from entering the mask during the fit test.

This does not prevent the accumulation of surface contaminant on any of the exposed surfaces of the adapter kits, tubes, or Quantifit. Please follow the CDC guidelines and your facility’s policies for disinfecting equipment. If there is further concern, adapters can be cleaned with an EPA approved disinfectant. Dual tube assemblies can be cleaned with an EPA approved disinfectant and / or changed out during fit testing.


The process of Controlled Negative Pressure with the OHD Quantifit

OHD on Cross Contamination & Fit Testing

View our latest video regarding cross contamination amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic here: https://youtu.be/dEIvy0W86vY