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Quantifit Calibration

We strongly recommend that your Quantifit be serviced and calibrated annually.

Click Here to complete a OHD Quantifit Service Form! (Only applicable to contiguous United States).

Limiting Liability

The Quantifit is calibrated to an NIST traceable standard. It is the only quantitative fit test machine that can be calibrated to an NIST standard. Calibrating the Quantifit annually will help establish your good faith concerns for employee health and safety. Whereas the use of an out of calibration unit may be used against an employer in a litigation process.

OSHA Compliance

Calibrating the Quantifit annually may exemplify an employer’s desire to meet all OSHA recommendations concerning respirator fit testing.

Extend Service Life

The heart of the Quantifit is a piston-type pressure engine. In the calibration procedure the pressure engine is completely disassembled, cleaned, and lubricated. Much like routinely changing the oil in an automobile, this can prolong the life of your unit.


During the calibration procedure each unit is upgraded with the latest firmware versions and modifications as needed.


Due to our complete system functions tests and quality control procedures, you can be assured that the unit is functioning properly and within accepted tolerances.

To send in your Quantifit for calibration, please use our OHD Service Form (only applicable to contiguous United States). If you have questions, please call us or visit our Calibration FAQ.

*If you have a FitTester 3000, doseBadge, Sound Level Meter or another other OHD product, please fill out our Service Return Form. Then simply send the completed for in to Calibration@ohdglobal.com

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