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QuantiCheck User Guide

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QuantiCheck Quick Start Guide

Turn on QuantiCheck®

Press and hold power button until green light flashes then release.

Attach QuantiCheck® Device

Attach QuantiCheck® to the mask

Don Mask

Don your mask and tighten the appropriate straps.

Perform Fit Check

Squeeze or press and hold QuantiCheck® to perform check. Draw a breath until the blinking purple light turns solid, at which point hold your breath static for up to 10 seconds and wait for result.

LED Indicator – Pass

A green light illuminates on the LED indicator for a passed test.

LED Indicator – Over Breathe

Rapid flashing purple light indicates over breath (too deep). Wait a few seconds for purple light to blink slowly. Try again but with a shallower breath.

LED Indicator – Fail

A red light blinking on the LED indicator for a failed check. Wait until the LED indicator flashes purple signalling a retest for the fit check.