Noise Dosimeters

// The original wireless noise dosimeter


Simple, effective & compliant noise exposure measurements

The doseBadge5 is a high performance wireless noise dosimeter that allows you to make compliant occupational noise exposure measurements, put into place effective control measures and ensure that workers are not exposed to noise levels which will put their hearing at risk.

The doseBadge5 is powerful yet simple-to-use ensuring that you can gather robust, reliable information that can be used effectively for the assessment of occupational noise exposures and includes all of the unique features of the original doseBadge such as no controls, cables or displays with a range of new functions and features.

All the data you need

4 noise dosimeters in one lets you measure to OSHA (HC), OSHA (PEL), ACGIH
& ISO simultaneously with full data available for all channels including 1
second data logging.

Also available are configurable ULT triggers for each channel along with 2
Peak channels and Lmax/ Lmin values giving you all the information you need to
meet any noise standard.

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Control your measurements

Use the scheduled timers to automatically start, stop & pause measurements every day, giving you control over when the instrument gathers data without the need for user intervention. Program the badge to stop during lunch breaks and rest times for the ultimate in measurement control.

  • 15 Year Warranty – Unrivaled in the industry
  • Simultaneous measurement of OSHA (HC), OSHA (PEL), ACGIH & ISO
  • 4 noise dosimeters in one instrument with full data available for all channels
  • 1 second data logging of all integrators & peak channels
  • Remote communication to the dBLink APP (Android & iOS) – configure the doseBadge, view measurement data or control the doseBadge5 from your device





The doseBadge5 meets your needs – now and in the future

  • Preset configurations available to cover current Regulations, Standards & Guidelines
  • Adjust individual settings as and when Regulations change
  • Transfer settings to other doseBadge5 units to save time
  • 4 simultaneous noise dosimeters for current & future compliance
  • Measure to OSHA HCA, OSHA PEL, ACGIH & ISO at the same time
  • Real-time octave band analysis
  • Detailed data logging of all channels
  • Adjust or update settings from NoiseTools or via the dBLink App