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BAS-200 Bio Acoustic Simulator

The BAS-200 Bio-Acoustic Simulator performs dependable daily calibration checks on all of the Benson Medical audiometers as required by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.95. Because the AS-200 is powered by the CCA-100e or the CCA-200 audiometer, low battery life is never a concern. Connecting the hand switch to the BAS-200 returns the system to subject testing.

The BAS-200’s advanced design simplifies the daily check and offers greater reliability compared to battery-powered units.

Features of the BAS-200

• Quick and accurate daily calibration check as required by OSHA

  • Uses no batteries:
    • Power is supplied from either CCA-100e or CCA-200 audiometer
  • Place on table top or mount on wall of test booth
  • No need to remove from system when performing subject testing
  • Works with standard earphones and audiocups
  • Software compatible