// Accurate and Easy to Use

CMI Intoxilyzer SD-2

Whether you are testing suspected DUI offenders, performing preliminary screening for Department of Transportation mandated testing or testing for alcohol in industrial settings, the Intoxilyzer® S-D2 provides fast and accurate results.

It is one of the most economically priced fuel cell-based quantitative screeners on the market.

Versatile Use

The S-D2® handheld breath alcohol tester is a versatile breath alcohol screener. Its lightweight and rugged design makes it the perfect instrument whenever a quantitative result is necessary. The S-D2 can used in many situations, including: Preliminary law enforcement “Driving Under the Influence” screening.

Screening tests for Department of Transportationmandated “safety sensitive” employee testing (the S-D2 appears on the NHTSA Conforming Products List). Employee alcohol testing as part of a comprehensive company safety program.


  • Fuel cell sensor reacts only to alcohol.
  • Unique “A” and “B” lights show the operator when the subject is providing a sufficient sample for analysis.
  • Sampling system ensures a deep lung breath sample.
  • No warmup time, always ready to use. Fast, easy testing sequence.
  • Quick instrument recovery time allows for testing to be done on several people within a short time.
  • Portable for testing anywhere. No external electrical supply or battery chargers are needed.


DETECTOR: Electrochemical fuel cell.

SPECIFICITY: Fuel cell sensor is unaffected by acetone, paint and glue fumes, foods, confections, methane, and practically any other substance found in the human breath.

VISUAL INDICATORS: “A” and “B” LED lights indicate when a subject has blown hard enough and long enough to ensure a quality, deep lung breath sample.

DISPLAY: Three-digit illuminated LCD.

SAMPLING: A pressure vs. time system ensures the donor provides a deep lung air sample.

ACCURACY: ±.005 BrAC up to 0.100 BrAC and ±5% above 0.100 BrAC, which meets DOT specifications.

RESPONSE TIME: Within 45 seconds of sampling, depending on alcohol concentration.

RESET TIME: Immediate at zero alcohol reading, up to two minutes after a positive breath test.



CALIBRATION: Dry gas or wet bath simulator.

DIMENSIONS: 2¾” wide x 1½” deep x 5” high (7 cm wide x 3.8 cm deep x 12.7 cm high).

WEIGHT: 7.5 oz. (213 grams).

POWER SUPPLY: One 9-volt battery (included) provides about 500 tests. Display shows “L” when battery voltage is low.

INCLUDED WITH EACH INSTRUMENT: 25 mouthpieces, calibration screwdriver, leather pouch, wrist strap, temperature indicator, illustrated operator’s manual.


WARRANTY: One year, parts and labor.