Respirator Clearances

New online respirator clearance will assist your company by increasing the speed and productivity for obtaining the OSHA-required clearances. Your employee clearance reports will be stored and available to you on XM Solutions, our world-class, HIPAA-compliant data management system. We can provide a large range of reports to your corporation 24/7.

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Online Respirator Clearance is easy

  1. Contact OHD
  2. Provide a participant list. Participants will receive either an email or a preprinted card with the email address and their unique security to sign on.
  3. Participants will confirm their identity with one demographic variable (excluding their social security number).
  4. At the end of the session, participants will click on the “submit” button and have the option to print out their responses.
  5. Clearance results will be available within a few seconds after they submit their answers. A small percentage of respondents will require further evaluations from our professional staff. Reporting on XM Solutions, will provide details on who clearance results.

Benefits of Our Online Clearance Tool

  • Cost effective
  • Easy for your employees – allows them to stay onsite, reduces the paperwork
  • Quick – only takes 20 minutes to complete
  • Streamlines process with employee tracking and status reports
  • Quality evaluations by medical professionals
  • Consistent measurements on questionnaire
  • Printable results available within seconds