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OHD Spirotrac

Spirotrac® Software combines the power of your PC, network and spirometer. Spirotrac is compatible with a range of Vitalograph spirometers, each designed to meet your particular spirometry needs.

OHD Pneumotrac® integrates high quality spirometry, 12-lead ECG, Pulse Oximetry, COPD assessment, blood pressure measurement, challenge testing and morein a flexible, integrated software solution.

Easy to use Spirotrac software offers wide ranging functionality including:

  • A simple icon driven menu and optional biometric logon for users and patients
  • Intuitive user interface with workflow orientated presentation in four primary information panels: subjects, test sessions, information and session test panel
  • Automatic storage and traceability of all test data and events, including calibration logs and audit trails
  • Automated, secure data management designed to comply with the technical requirements of FDA 21 CFR 11, 95/46/EC and HIPAA compliance
  • Secure encrypted data transmission via the internet to Vitalograph hosted central servers for over-reading to provide Quality Assured Spirometry and related services
  • Outstanding Spirometry Performance with a Fleisch Pneumotachograph

The Spirotrac spirometer features a Fleisch Pneumotachograph for outstanding performance of accurate, linear and reliable flow/volume measurements.

  • No moving parts – essential in adverse environments
  • Autoclavable at 137°C
  • Robust aluminium, TPX and stainless steel construction